Welcome to a world of steel !

As we all know, steel trading is a highly competitive business and finding a corner in to this universe means actually providing right product at a right price and in the promised time frame.

In the last years we, as Transemnal, gained a reputation in to this universe through efficiency, professionalism and market anticipation.

In the same time we developed on a continuous base our relationships with suppliers and customer but in a manner that our independence to remain a key factor of our daily activity. Our connexions are serious and transparent, giving us the freed to do what we know best.



About Us

Establishment - Transemnal has been established in 2009, in an attempt to pass over the new situation given by the world crisis after 2008. Main idea was to use the past experience, especially the one in international steel trade.

Activity – it started basing on personal relationships developed in time with some local customers, as a natural course of initial services that we have provided as freelance. Finally, Transemnal activity means answering to daily challenge to overrun typical obstacles of a company from steel trade field.

Markets: sales happens in domestic market, most of products being imported. Selling steel products suppose in same time passion and devotion, desire to do additional steps and mainly continuous presence 24 hours a day. We are sourcing from different markets as possibilities and culture, including hut not limiting to Turkey, Moldavia, Ukraine, China, Italy, etc.

Products and services

Steel trading

Flat products: galvanized steel in coils or sheet, hot rolled coils and sheets, cold rolled coils and sheets.

Long products: rebars in bars or coils, wire rod, black annealed wire, galvanized wire, construction nails.



Logistical services - by giving the possibility to deliver “door to door” for some of our products.

Market information – we believe that partnership with our customers is the key for mutual success, both sides having access to a completely tailor made service. Doesn’t matter if we speak about consultancy, marketing, financing or logistical services, we provide our customers with our professionalism all data required for the right decision. Moreover, having the past experience and knowledge about market, we are in many situations able to draw attention on new opportunities which in many cases will complete our customers activity. Because finally, our customers success will be our success!

We mind our customers - our day to day experience taught us that speed of reaction, discipline and following the market are a must for success. We observe carefully all movements in our industry, trying to identify potential directions and trying to take the right decision at the right time. For an important and crucial industry for world economy, steel is a subject which in many situation is involving risks and uncertainties. Prices as well as demand, are highly volatile today. Especially for this and just for this, risk management is one of our direction of specialization. And we can go there through anticipation and forecast. We follow on a daily basis steel market and world economy, analysing all results based on our experience and acting swift to all indications, as the situation will impose to do.



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